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BACKSTORY Brazil is the country with the highest rate of travesti/trans* murders. In 2017, Brazil accounted for 52% of the deaths registered by International Transgender Europe (TGEU): 179 travesti/trans* people were murdered in 2017.  Alarmingly, the new political scenario is contributing to a further rise in violence against vulnerable populations. (Note: Travesti is a Latin-American…
Bolsonaro, Brazil & the Dangers of Free-Market Myopia
When Jair Bolsonaro became president-elect of Brazil, the reaction from many was as expected: shock, horror, and questions over just how Bolsonaro — a man who openly praised Brazil’s past dictatorship — came to power.  Less expected was the ringing endorsement of Bolsonaro from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Praising Bolsonaro’s ability to give progressives,…
On the Limits of “Just Being Polite”
The Case Against Voting
An Anarchist Response to the Free Speech Debate
The Megamachines Are False Specters — A Response To Geld...
I think it’s a shame that anarchists don’t write more on either geopolitics or analyses of the future; over the last two centuries our greatest successes have come from our imagination and foresight. For this reason I applaud Peter Gelderloos’ recent attempted forecast, published in a variety of forms by Crimethinc. There’s much to agree…
The Man Who Changed Superheroes Forever
The Future of Digital Proudhonism
Looking for Daylight: Minarchist Strategy’s Missteps
Review: Superintelligence — Paths, Dangers, Strategies
No, no, no. What if we’re not doomed that way? Nick Bostrom is one of my favorite academic philosophers; beyond pairing rigor with audacity, he’s one of the few to grasp and explore the philosophical avenues opened up by modern scientific understanding. But in the last decade Bostrom has shot to some prominence not for…
Avoiding the Blame — What a Focus on Grain Obscures
Review: Walkaway
Review: Liberty in the Age of Terror
Killing 8chan: The Heart of Modern Nazi Terrorism [CW]
In addition to all kinds of scariness, it’s important also to mention exactly how mediocre 8ch is. It’s the human equivalent of the magazines in your dentist’s but– if it’s even possible– more tryhard. That they consider themselves to be an intellectual vanguard is on par with a grown adult self-identifying as Rick from Rick and Morty. It’s laughably pathetic and sad.
Libertarian Municipalism: Networked Cities as Resilient Platforms for Post-Capitalist Transition
Agency and Other Anarchist Themes In Paul Goodman’s Work
Deleuze, Guattari and Market Anarchism