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Even if you’ve never read a comic book or seen a superhero movie, Stan Lee has affected your life. His storytelling. His approach to heroism. His moral lessons. His ethos, embodied in the catchphrase “Excelsior!” The Mount Rushmore of modern pop culture surely has a spot for him. His imagination permeates humanity’s modern collective imagination….
An Anarchist Response to the Free Speech Debate
Introduction Once championed by anarchists, leftists, and liberals; in recent times, free speech has become a right-wing talking point. Where the free-speech movement of the 60s opposed government sanctions on protest and dissent, the political right largely focuses on the following issues; right-wing speakers being denied platforms, social media censorship, the use of accusations such…
Anti-Statists for LA’s Public Bank: Charter Amendment B
The (Trans) Kids Are Alright
Should We Look Beyond our Noses?: Need Allocation, Near and Far
The Future of Digital Proudhonism
Gavin Mueller’s recent article for the boundary 2 online journal, “Digital Proudhonism” is a Marxist critique of what Mueller describes as “Digital Proudhonism,” a catchall term for those who believe that technology is lowering class barriers. Digital Proudhonism is not a formal ideology but rather an undercurrent expressed by a variety of individuals from all…
Looking for Daylight: Minarchist Strategy’s Missteps
A Simple Reform
The Discourse Is Not the Territory
Avoiding the Blame — What a Focus on Grain Obscures
James C. Scott’s latest book, Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States, is sure to become a classic and a brick in the wall of core anarchist theory. It covers somewhat different but complementary ground to Peter Gelderloo’s Worshiping Power: An Anarchist History Of Early State Formation. I have some significant critiques…
Review: Walkaway
Review: Liberty in the Age of Terror
Review: “Rise of the Warrior Cop”
Killing 8chan: The Heart of Modern Nazi Terrorism [CW]
In addition to all kinds of scariness, it’s important also to mention exactly how mediocre 8ch is. It’s the human equivalent of the magazines in your dentist’s but– if it’s even possible– more tryhard. That they consider themselves to be an intellectual vanguard is on par with a grown adult self-identifying as Rick from Rick and Morty. It’s laughably pathetic and sad.
Libertarian Municipalism: Networked Cities as Resilient Platforms for Post-Capitalist Transition
Agency and Other Anarchist Themes In Paul Goodman’s Work
Deleuze, Guattari and Market Anarchism