The staff and the advisory panel of the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) are available as members of the S4SS speaker’s bureau.  Hosting a C4SS speaker is a great way of raising awareness and educating your campus on the importance of anarchism.

The following are the speakers and speech topics available:

Ross Kenyon: Student activism, the international libertarian movement, entrepreneurship, and “Silly Arguments for the State.”

Gary Chartier: “The Conscience of an Anarchist,” “The Answer is Freedom,” “Why Libertarians Should Reach Out to the Left.”

Stephan Kinsella: IP and “Common Libertarian Misconceptions.”

James Tuttle:  Introductions to Anarchism; Agorism: Counter-Establishment-Economics; Radical Labor and the Libertarian Disconnect; and Freed Market Anti-Capitalism

Darian Worden: Anarchist history, anarchist theory, anarchism vs. libertarian minarchism and current events and news involving anarchy.

Sheldon Richman: “Is Freedom a Radical Idea?”, “the Most Dangerous Derivative: Power and Privilege in the Corporate State,” and “If You Believe in Nonviolence, You Should Be an Anarchist.”

Charles Johnson:  “No Borders, No State: Anarchism, Immigration Freedom, and the Interconnection of Struggles,” “What is Anarchism,” “Ask an Anarchist!”, and “Left-Wing Ends, Libertarian Means.”

Note that there may be fees associated with hosting a C4SS speaker, such as travel, hotel and honorarium.  Please contact josephrasch@gmail.com for more information.