The time is now for S4SS!

2012 elections are upon us.  We are seeing great divides in the movement amongst libertarian statists and libertarian anarchists.  Many are caving further and further into the political process, although everyday we see great losses for liberty using this method.

Once great libertarian organizations are becoming statist and tyrannical in the way that they manage themselves and their members.    They will participate in activities or act buddy-buddy with government sympathizers for personal or financial gain.  Many students realize this and quickly refuse to take part of said groups.  S4SS is not represented by leaders and will personally strive to get non-anarchist donations.

S4SS is what you want it to be.  It can be a place to network with other anarchist students around the world.  It can be a weekly meeting group at your school or a place to chat online.  The groups that have already formed are very active and are a shining beacon to other anarchists that you can start this at your own school!

Here are a few quick tips to starting a group at your school — if you are reading this, I wish to persuade you to do this right now:
S4SS does not require you to beg to your masters (your school admin) to start a group.  All that you need to do is go on Facebook — start a group (not a page, groups allow more communication/notifications).  “YOU SCHOOL Students for a Stateless Society.”  Invite like minded friends.  Let the conversations begin and once you feel like you have enough members, create an event!  Meet at a local cafe, in an open room in your school, anywhere!  Especially do this if you already have a student group that may ascribe itself to general libertarian principles.  Anarchists are different from political libertarians — you should know this!

Good luck, stay strong, keep growing.

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